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Mind4Math Grade 1&2

Mind4Math is an easy to use teaching assistant for both the classroom educator and the home teacher. We all know that education is an ongoing partnership between teacher and parent. But, there are times when both partners lack adequate time to provide the necessary assistance ...

Shareware  3,157k 878 Information Exchange Associates LLC

Mind4Math Advanced

Mind4Math is an easy to use teaching assistant for both the classroom educator and the home teacher. We all know that education is an ongoing partnership between teacher and parent. But, there are times when both partners lack adequate time to provide the necessary assistance ...

Shareware  3,157k 666 Information Exchange Associates LLC
Shareware Tracker

Shareware Tracker

Sophisticated and feature-rich submission software for commercial, demo, freeware and shareware authors and publishers. Supports semi-automated submission to over 400 shareware download sites, software directories and search engines. Numerous submission tools enable the submitter to speed through submissions, increasing link popularity and visitor and download ...

Shareware  3,649k 1301 AccuSolve Inc
Large Education Icons

Large Education Icons

It is obvious, that education had always been the best possible investment. And, so are the educational tools. Weather you are designing an application for schedule management, a school web-site, or just customizing your desktop to help you learn, a bright and stylish set of ...

Demo  3,008k 1496 large icons com
Shareware Authors Resource Guide

Shareware Authors Resource Guide

It used to be shareware programmers were basically hobbyists, giving a copy of their program away and hoping to make a little money to go to a movie or something. Today's shareware developers, however, are often professional programmers making a living with the shareware model ...

Freeware  585k 449 NorthStar Solutions LLC
McSerialnumber Shareware Edition for Windows

McSerialnumber Shareware Edition for Windows

- Offers a simple low-level registration scheme easy to integrate (requires 2 API calls) - Generates ready to use individually burned Softdongle-type Libraries - Supports Microsoft Visual C/C++ and Visual Basic - Individual product management to prepare libraries for registration - Unlimited per customer registration and administration facility ...

Shareware  960k 1053 McWare USA

Shareware Author's Resource Guide

Whether you're a veteran shareware author or just starting, you'll find the information in the SARG extremely helpful to starting and running a successful shareware business. Discusses programming for the shareware market, distributing, marketing, increasing registrations, and ultimately making more profit with your shareware business. ...

Freeware  401k 1245 NorthStar Solutions
McSerialnumber Shareware Edition for Macintosh

McSerialnumber Shareware Edition for Macintosh

- Offers a simple low-level registration scheme easy to integrate (requires 2 API calls) - Generates ready to use individually burned Softdongle-type Libraries - Supports Metrowerks Codewarrior C/C++ and Apple Project Builder + GCC - Individual product management to prepare libraries for registration - Unlimited ...

Shareware    902 McWare USA

1st Shareware Submitter

1st Shareware Submitter is intended to submit software products to software archives. 1st Shareware Submitter is a semiautomatic submitter. This means that you can see and control every step of the submission process. However, 1st Shareware Submitter will do all the dirty work automatically. 1st ...

Shareware  5,570k 1521 1st Studio

3D Shop Shareware

A solid modeler with drawing capabilities. Easy to learn, with a modern interface that comply with today standards. A very affordable way to learn 3D. 3D Shop Shareware is fully compatible with the 3D Shop Xpert range of applications. Some outstanding features such as the ...

Shareware  14,550k 1008 c4w com
A Shareware Marketing Primer

A Shareware Marketing Primer offers this free e-book to all shareware authors that wish to benefit from our expertise and promote their software in the most effective manner. The book is a continuous work in progress as it is a collection of articles that are published daily in ...

Freeware  941k 1319 shareware marketing net
Shareware Name Analyzer

Shareware Name Analyzer

Shareware name analysis tool to help you don't name duplicate name as another software. Easy to find if there is existed / duplicate software name in 30000 software library. Also offers word frequency of your software name in all the 30000 software names. Help you ...

Freeware  416k 843 Shareware UP

AT CRM Shareware

AT-CRM Shareware, running as a web application, is a Customer Relationship Management System. It provides the ability for you to successfully manage contacts with your clients.Being oriented towards your clients you can sell more then others and AT-CRM Shareware can be extremely helpful in improving ...

Shareware  2,165k 1511 ZetaFoxeDeisgn v - Education::Langu ages Software

GeniusTim Technologie Conceived for Education purpose. in Tower, Writing desk or suitcase: the GeniusTim from 7 to 91 USB keys + a Software to copy, collect, transfer, synchronize and update any types of audio, video files, dated, homework, courses or schoolbooks, and this, simultaneously between ...

Freeware  10,578k 1309

HSC - Education Tools

Higher Education Solution Collaborative Tools - Solutions for student/faculty data and accounts

Freeware  2,801k 300

openSUSE Education

openSUSE Education is a community driven project with the aim to provide the best Linux experience for students, teachers, parents and educational institutions. Use client or download manager to download files.

Freeware  2,097,152k 362

SchoolBox Open Education

SchoolBox is a project made up of zope and python modules for building a complete on-line school.When fully developed it will include modules for: complete student information systems ,virtual classrooms, distance education systems, accounting and purcha

Freeware  49k 427

Direct Persmail (Shareware)

"Direct Persmail" is intended for direct multi-thread emailing under the list of addresses, with no CC headers. Speed of e-mail broadcasting up to 10000 letters in one minute. The program allows to be connected, start automatically and to be disconnected at the appointed time or ...

Shareware  834k 1196 Andrey Sinitsin

Focus Express for Education

Focus Express is designed specifically for the Tablet PC , Wacom tablets and projector to form a digital presentation system. It can give you power to: 1.Brainstorm on the fly With a few quick pen strokes, you can work alone, with colleagues or audiences to ...

Shareware  915k 1212 AdXsoft Co

Pierre's Nightmares Shareware

This version of Pierre's Nightmares contains 4 levels for you to play through. You start in the Twisted Wood, then travel to the Room Of Books. Once you complete that level you are then transported to the Water Works and finally you must battle the ...

Shareware  12,872k 1060 outhousesoftware co uk
Quicky Password Generator - Shareware

Quicky Password Generator - Shareware

The Quicky Password Generator is fast, efficient, and small. It maintains separate groups of 100,000 passwords at a time of 4 to 20 characters. The passwords are displayed and can be copied to your clipboard easily or exported to a file. You can specify random ...

Shareware  610k 668 Quicky Software
EML to PDF Shareware

EML to PDF Shareware

Best tool for common searches like - eml to pdf format eml to pdf free eml to pdf free converter eml to pdf free download eml to pdf free software eml to pdf freeware eml to pdf net eml to pdf online eml to pdf online converter eml to pdf online free birdie eml to pdf eml ...

Shareware  984k 815 Sys PC

OneBook Education Technology

OneBook is an information sharing tool for students and instructors. Professors are interested in distributing assignments, announcements, and grades. Students can turn in assignments using the OneBook system, and store their work digitally (and securely)

Freeware  700k 761

Universal Education

This project is a mobile application that features an educational game. It is designed to be upgraded by users editing a database to add new questions. Developers can add categories by editing the code.

Freeware  3,710k 295
Greek PCLinuxOS Education

Greek PCLinuxOS Education

I¤Iz PCLinuxOS ILIµ D€IzI»I»I¬ IµIsD€I±IaI?IµD…D„IaIsI¬ D€D?IzIlD?I¬ILILI±D„I± IlIaI± D€I±IaI?IaI¬.

Freeware  713,712k 528

KEEP Education school

System of learning. Students of the Semester. r?Lr?°r?sr?sr?sr?Ar??r??r?Lra€r?Lr?µr??r?™r?‚r?­r?‡r?™r?±r??ra€r?Lr?µr??r?™

Freeware  8k 323

The Spirit of Education

Open source alternative to WebCT Vista. It will be used by the Utah Board of Regents and the University of Utah initially. It will include a frameworks similar to jBossNukes that will add course creation/delivery/management feature sets to a portal. This

Freeware  258,463k 338
WinFlash Educator

WinFlash Educator

Award-winning Flashcard Study and Testing System - Whether you're an airline pilot looking for the most time-efficient way to prepare for periodic recertifications, a high school student hoping for a quicker way to master Spanish or a first grader who needs some help with her ...

Shareware  7,583k 1505 Open Window Software


Dexter is an invaluable time saving Add-in providing automatic code completion for all Microsoft development environments including Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual InterDev, Visual J++, Visual Studio 2002, Visual Studio 2003, and Visual Studio .NET for Applications. Dexter is totally configurable ...

Shareware  127k 1219 NilgiriHouse com


SUBMITUS will allow you to submit your software to the best freeware and shareware sites on the Internet. The software includes IE as well as a database full of software archive sites, so you can be sure that your submissions will be accepted without any ...

Shareware  852k 1093 OfficeTune Inc
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